For many of us 2021 is just as uncertain as 2020, but now we’ve had some time to get used to it, and understand that we must work through the change.

Here are some tips for staying on track in an ever changing world:

  • Keep a focus / goal in mind – Whether it is a project end point, organisational direction, or sales target, having that goal and working towards it helps us refocus when things change along the way. Of course, sometimes goals themselves can change with the influence of the pandemic and ever-evolving economic challenges, so making sure you, your manager, your organisation and your team are all on the same page will help things move forward smoothly, or pivot with agility.
  • Keep an open mind – During times like these change is inevitable. Keeping an open mindset and allowing yourself to move with change when it is needed rather than fighting against it will save yourself stress, save your business further wasted resource, and build your leadership skills.
  • Communication is key – When things are changing, goalposts may be moving, daily tasks changing and times uncertain. Keeping yourself and your team informed of things as they arise, flagging any potential issues with management, and listening to and acting on feedback is essential in a well-functioning team. Allowing everyone to have a voice, improves effectiveness of change management, and can identify issues not otherwise foreseen.

The recently popular quote ‘we’re all in the same storm, but a different boat’ (Anon.) applies not only to recognising the suffering of COVID-19, but the ways we move forward and steer through the challenges in our individual circumstances to achieve our goals and move forward.