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Understand responsibilities, policies and procedures to keep your office safe and healthy.

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The Office Induction course provides employees with an understanding of the policies and procedures that help to provide all employees with a safe and healthy working environment.

In a short, interactive online course, employees will learn their responsibilities as an employee, as well as the policies and procedures that help them work safely in an office environment.

When working in an office, it’s easy to assume you are free from the considerable dangers present in work environments such as construction sites or warehouses. While there may be fewer hazards, there are still important factors to be aware of, and everyone needs to understand their rights, responsibilities, as well as the policies and procedures that apply to them in their role.

In this course you will explore the concept of duty of care and go through the key types of policies that apply to workers in an office setting.

You will learn about the fundamentals of ergonomics and manual handline, as well as workplace safety and emergency procedures.

This is an excellent induction course for new employees, providing a foundation for any company-specific information. This course can also be tailored to your organisation. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.

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