Learning Outcomes
  • General awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural aspects, including the Dreaming, kinship and family ties, Leaders and Elders, language, lifestyle and food.
  • Understanding of the long history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples before British colonisation and the impacts on their lives after colonisation.
  • Knowledge and recognition of major events in recent Australian history that have affected Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • Broad understanding and appreciation of some contemporary issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, including cultural changes, health, age and life expectancy, education and other social issues.
  • Awareness of some prominent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • General knowledge and appreciation of some protocols and customs to follow when interacting or working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, such as communication techniques, respect and sensitivity, ‘Men’s and Women’s Business’, and ‘Country Ceremonies’.
Student Feedback

“The Course units were well addressed with sensitivity, respectfully and acknowledgement to the Elders. Each unit was clear and precise with sufficient information for greater understanding. My knowledge of the Aboriginal and Torres Islanders have improved and I bestow greater respect to their tradition, culture and customs.” Gurmit Kaur Darshan Singh

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Topic 1 – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture

Section 1 – The Dreaming and Connections to Lands and Waters
Section 2 – Kinship and Family Ties
Section 3 – Marriage
Section 4 – Leaders and Elders
Section 5 – Nation and Language Diversity
Section 6 – Lifestyle and Food

Topic 2 – History and Impact of Colonisation

Section 1 – The ‘Terra Nullius’ Doctrine
Section 2 – Decreased Population Following Colonisation
Section 3 – Protectionist Legislation
Section 4 – The Stolen Generations
Section 5 – The Apology to The Stolen Generations
Section 7 – The Native Title Act and Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs)

Topic 3 – Contemporary Aboriginal Life and Issues

Section 1 – Culture
Section 2 – Health, Age and Life Expectancy
Section 3 – Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Section 4 – Education
Section 5 – Employment and Poverty
Section 6 – Prominent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Topic 4 – Cultural Understanding and Considerations

Section 1 – Communication Techniques
Section 2 – Respect and Sensitivity
Section 3 – Men’s and Women’s Business
Section 4 – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags
Section 5 – ‘Welcome to Country’ and ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ Ceremonies

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Employers and employees that require awareness training on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

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