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Course Introduction:
Topic 1 – Basic knowledge of alcohol and other drugs

Section 1 – Alcohol and its effects
Section 2 – Alcohol and unsafe drinking
Section 3 – Alcohol and standard drinks
Section 4 – Alcohol and blood alcohol concentration
Section 5 – Other depressants
Section 6 – Stimulants
Section 7 – Hallucinogens

Topic 2 – Danger of alcohol and other drugs in the workplace

Section 1 – Work-related hazards of depressants
Section 2 – Work-related hazards of stimulants
Section 3 – Work-related hazards of hallucinogens

Topic 3 – Workplace policies on alcohol and other drugs

Section 1 – Objectives of alcohol and other drugs policies
Section 2 – Fitness for work
Section 3 – Employee assistance programs

Topic 4 – Testing of alcohol and other drugs

Section 1 – Testing regimes
Section 2 – Types of testing

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Workplaces that wish to ensure their employees are informed about the dangers of drug and alcohol in the workplace.

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