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Topic 1: Electricity basics and dangerous effects on the human body

Section 1: Electricity Basics
Section 2: Dangerous effects of electricity on the body

Topic 2: Sources of electrical hazards

Section 1: Frayed and damaged power cords
Section 2: Overloaded power boards
Section 3: Working near overhead power-lines
Section 4: Buried underground power-lines
Section 5: Water near electricity
Section 6: Damaged power tools and exposed electrical cables

Topic 3: Managing electrical risks

Section 1: Identifying electrical hazards
Section 2: Assessing the electrical risks
Section 3: Controlling the electrical risks
Section 4: Reviewing the control measures
Section 5: Workers duties to follow instructions as part of managing electrical risks
Section 6: Workers duties to other workers as part of managing electrical risks
Section 7: Reporting electrical hazards
Section 8: Lockouts and tagouts
Section 9: Residual Current Devices (RCDs)
Section 10: Electrical fires
Section 11: Lightning

Topic 4: Inspecting and testing requirements and first aid

Section 1: Visual inspection of electrical equipment
Section 2: Frequency of inspecting and testing electrical equipment
Section 3: Insulated electrical equipment
Section 4: First Aid

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