Learning Outcomes

As a flight crew member, upon successful completion of this course you will:


  • recognise aviation-specific and general causes of fatigue;
  • understand how lifestyle choices can impact fatigue and how to manage them;
  • understand the need for and benefits of quality sleep and rest;
  • identify symptoms of fatigue and the steps required to manage it;
  • have knowledge of the regulatory fatigue management requirements under CAO 48.1;
  • understand how to comply with CAO 48.1.
More Information

The Fatigue Management for Aviation Flight Crew Members course covers eight key topics:


  1. Causes of fatigue
  2. Aviation-specific fatigue risks
  3. Acclimatisation
  4. The mechanics and benefits of sleep
  5. Fatigue warning signs and barriers to sleep
  6. Fatigue management strategies
  7. Operator and FCM responsibilities
  8. Fatigue management legislation
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2 hours


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