Learning Outcomes

AVELING’s Fatigue Management for Aviation Flight Crew Members course is designed for flight crew members and will give them essential knowledge so they:

  • Have knowledge of the regulatory fatigue management requirements under CAO 48.1
  • Understand how lifestyle choices can impact fatigue, and how to manage them
  • Recognise aviation-specific and general causes of fatigue
  • Understand the need for and benefits of quality sleep and rest
  • Identify symptoms that they’re fatigued and take steps to manage this
More Information
Topic 1: Causes of fatigue

Section 1: Defining fatigue
Section 2: Causes of fatigue

Topic 2: Aviation-specific fatigue risks

Section 1: Night work and irregular hours
Section 2: Understanding jet lag and its effects
Section 3: Individual factors affecting jet lag
Section 4: Geographical factors affecting jet lag
Section 5: Early mornings and sleep inertia

Topic 3: Acclimatisation

Section 1: Acclimatised state vs. unknown state of acclimatisation
Section 2: Adaption periods for acclimatisation

Topic 4: The mechanics and benefits of sleep

Section 1: Benefits of sleep and sleep process
Section 2: How much sleep is enough?
Section 3: The circadian rhythm

Topic 5: Fatigue warning signs and barriers to sleep

Section 1: Fatigue warning signs
Section 2: Recognising that you’re fatigued
Section 3: Sleep disorders
Section 4: Cumulative fatigue and sleep debt
Section 5: Microsleeps and other factors

Topic 6: Fatigue management strategies

Section 1: Aviation-specific risk management strategies
Section 2: Personal fatigue management strategies
Section 3: Napping
Section 4: Caffeine and other stimulants
Section 5: Managing late/night shifts and jet lag
Section 6: Establishing a sleep environment and routine

Topic 7: Operator and FCM responsibilities

Section 1: FCM responsibilities
Section 2: FCM fatigue reporting
Section 3: Personal circumstances and fatigue
Section 4: Air operator responsibilities

Topic 8: Fatigue management legislation

Section 1: Basic Fatigue Management (Appendix 1)
Section 2: Fatigue Management (Appendices 2 to 6)
Section 3: FRMS (Appendix 7)
Section 4: Sleep opportunities and accommodation
Section 5: FDPs, flight times and cumulative times
Section 6: Appendices 2 to 6 overview
Section 7: Appendix 7 overview
Section 8: Operating under multiple appendices

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Course Cost

$110 (incl. GST)


2 hours



Intended for

Flight crew members (FCMs), such as pilots who require knowledge of fatigue management legislation and strategies (e.g. CAO 48.1).


A Certificate of Participation will be emailed at the end of the course.

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