Learning Outcomes
  • Understand and identify fatigue hazards in the mining industry
  • Identify areas in the workplace which could cause fatigue
  • Recognise how workplace fatigue can be managed in the mining industry
  • Identify fatigue personal warning signs and take action to prevent fatigue causing an accident
More Information

Topic 1: What is fatigue, why must it be managed?
Section 1 – What is fatigue, why is it managed?
Section 2 – Why is sleep important?

Topic 2: The circadian rhythm
Section 1 – The circadian rhythm

Topic 3: Causes of fatigue and lifestyle factors
Section 1 – Getting enough sleep
Section 2 – Healthy lifestyle
Section 3 – Other factors which cause fatigue

Topic 4: Signs of fatigue and ways of managing it
Section 1 – Signs of fatigue
Section 2 – Rest options

Topic 5: Legislation and fatigue management plans
Section 1 – Employer responsibilities for minimising workplace fatigue
Section 2 – Areas which may cause fatigue
Section 3 – Writing a Fatigue Management Plan
Section 4 – Applying fatigue management strategies in your job

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Employees, managers, contractors and subcontractors who work in the mining industry

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