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Course Overview:

Topic 1: Common Accidents and Safety Issues

Section 1: What are Forklifts?
Section 2: Forklift Statistics
Section 3: Common Accidents
Section 4: Forklift Stability
Section 5: Sprains, Strains and Musculoskeletal Injuries
Section 6: Slips, Trips, and Falls
Section 7: Legislation
Section 8: Forklift Considerations
Section 9: Attachments

Topic 2: Plan Work and Shift Load

Section 1: Routine and Pre-Start Checks
Section 2: Fuel and Battery Handling
Section 3: Risk Management
Section 4: Traffic Management Plan
Section 5: Implement and Monitor Plan
Section 6: Moving the Load
Section 7: Loading and Stacking
Section 8: Shut Down and Secure Forklift


Please note: this is an awareness course and does not qualify you to operate forklifts or other mobile equipment.

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Course Cost

$77 (incl. GST)


1.5 hours



Intended for

Anyone from newly qualified forklift operators, experienced drivers who need refresher training about forklift safety, and those who could be at risk of injury or accident if:

  • Forklifts are not respected and interacted with appropriately in the workplace
  • The safe operation of forklifts is not maintained.


A Certificate of Participation will be emailed at the end of the course.

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