Learning Outcomes
Topics covered:

Why restrain a load, and legal obligations

  • Why do I need to restrain my load?
  • Legal obligations

Planning the load

  • Understand your load
  • Choosing a suitable vehicle for your load
  • Using a restraint system suitable for your load
  • Positioning your load correctly
  • Checking vehicle structures and restraint equipment

Loading and unloading the vehicle

  • Ensure your load is stabilised
  • Ensuring you use safe work practices when loading and unloading a vehicle

Driving according to the load and driving conditions

  • Allowing for changes in vehicle stability, steering and braking
  • Checking the load and its restraint regularly

Tie-down restraint method

  • Tie-down restraint method
  • Friction levels
  • Lashings and lashing tensioners
  • Tie-down angle effect
  • Tie-down restraint method – worked examples
  • Tips when using the tie-down restraint method

Direct restraint method

  • Attaching
  • Blocking
  • Containing


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Anyone involved in road transport, particularly where load restraint awareness is critical for safety.


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