29 Aug 2018

AVELING has recently become part of the Heads Up Initiative to make mental health a priority in the workplace.
Did you know…

“Around 90 per cent of employees think mental health is an important issue for businesses, but only 50 per cent believe their workplace is mentally healthy.” State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia – Beyond Blue

Healthy workplaces promote mental health and wellbeing. They are positive, productive, and get the best out of everyone in the workplace.
Hear from Gary Frank who is an electrical contractor in Bendigo, running a franchise of Laser Electrical. Gary speaks about the challenges of looking after yourself and your staff while juggling the many demands of small business.

While the places we work come in all shapes and sizes, mentally healthy working environments generally have a few things in common.
• Positive workplace culture.
• Stress and other risks to mental health are managed
• People with mental health conditions are supported.
• Zero-tolerance approach to discrimination.
For further information on mental health in the workplace please visit www.headsup.org.au