19 Feb 2021

Table of Love sculpture

There was a lot of buzz this week as some new residents moved into AVELING Café. The ‘Table of Love’ is a bronze piece by artists Gillie and Marc as part of a global campaign that aims to promote love and peace.

Based around hybrid characters named Dogman and Rabbitgirl, these unlikely animal-kingdom companions, together symbolize unity and acceptance – representing all people as one.

As per Gillie and Marc’s website, “Now more than ever is the time for people of all races, religions and beliefs to come together. Rabbitgirl and Dogman invite the world to sit with them symbolically at their Table of Love and take the first step to understanding and [respecting] each other.”

CEO Tony Aveling was happy to receive the sculpture as it was moved into its new home on Thursday morning, saying “It’s great to have such a magnificent talking piece in the building. It’s something to bring people together as they discuss the ideas and creativity sparked when you see such an interesting sight during a break from training. It’s also just a bit of fun!

We invite you to sit down, discuss and share this message the next time you visit AVELING.

Table of Love arriving at AVELING