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16 Traits of a Good Leader

In business, people often confuse management with leadership, and the difference is subtle, but important. Leaders will always strive to get the best from their team, where managers will focus more on process and control.

How to build a safe and healthy workplace culture

Effective Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) needs to go beyond compliance and circulating a policy. To create a truly safe and healthy workplace, it needs to be ingrained in the culture of an organisation. Organisational culture underpins the context in which people judge their behaviour and what is acceptable at work. It’s built by the […]

Is a short course right for me?

Whether you’re looking to build upon your skills and experience to help you along your current career path, or looking to completely switch altogether, many people are enjoying benefits of undertaking short courses over the larger time and financial investment of a degree. We’ve broken down the many reasons why a short course could be […]