AVELING offers free support services to help you complete workplace assessments that are part of a nationally recognised course or qualification. Your Assessment Support person can help you in the planning and preparation of your course assignments and is available via telephone, email, or monthly group workshops.

Free monthly workshops
Two-hour workshops are run every month at our Jandakot venue. Candidates can attend as many times as required. Places are limited so bookings are essential. Please phone (08) 9379 9999 to book.

Each nationally recognised training course has a designated period in which you are required to submit all your assessments. (See below for details of the designated period.) You will be notified of the outcome within six weeks of submission. If additional evidence is required, AVELNG will notify candidates, outlining the requirements. Candidates then have six weeks to provide further evidence and to resubmit their assessment.
*The designated period (beginning from the enrolment date) is:

3 months For short online courses, such as the White Card, RSA and MLP
6 months For the online courses SITXFSA001, SITXFSA002, SITSS00051, TLIF0005, TLIF2010, TLIF3063
12 months For all other nationally recognised training

Assessment Submission Extension
If you fail to submit assessments within the designated period, you will:

  • Be contacted and may be withdrawn from the qualification or unit
  • Incur a late submission fee of $150.00 (GST-free)

In some circumstances, late assessments cannot be accepted; for example, when the training package has been deleted or superseded. In such cases, you may be required to re-enrol in the course and standards costs will apply.

Before the designated period expires, you can ask for an extension to avoid the late submission fee, but this is only granted in special circumstances.

To request an extension, email AVELING at assessment@aveling.com.au, outlining the reason for the extension. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and only granted in extenuating circumstances, such as illness supported by a doctor’s certificate.

AVELING Trainers will also provide clear information on the assessment requirements at the commencement of each course, including the support services available.