The Traineeship Program

This program allows employers to claim payroll tax exemption for their employees once they have commenced an eligible qualification. Under this program the cost of the courses are often absorbed by the savings in payroll tax.

For example:

  • An employee earns $50,000.00
  • The payroll tax applicable is $2,750.00
  • The qualification costs $1,650.00
  • The saving is $1,100.00 (and they get a qualification!)

Claiming the exemption and enrolling employees involves a very simple 5 step process:

1. Call AVELING to discuss employee training needs – We will advise which employees are eligible and which qualifications/incentives are applicable.

2. Complete the application form – AVELING and the selected Apprenticeship Centre will assist with this.

3. The application is processed – The application is submitted to the State Training Authority for approval.

4. A Training plan is established and the employee begins their training – AVELING provides complimentary support services during the entire training process.

5. The Payroll tax exemption is claimed – Employers make their normal payroll tax lodgement (section s40(2)(m)).

The eligible training courses we provide for this program are:

  • BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • BSB41415 Cert IV in Work Health and Safety

The Construction Training Fund Program

This program provides rebates for training on approved short training courses at the rate of $29 per training hour or 70% of the course cost, whichever is lower (maximum of $1,100.00). A claim form is submitted to the CTF for approval once the training is completed.

The eligible training courses we provide for this program are:

  • OHS for Team Leaders
  • Safety and Health Representatives
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Fire Training
  • Safety Leadership for Supervisors
  • Area Warden