Arc Flash Awareness

Understand the hazards associated with electrical Arc flash and learn how to manage the risks to protect you and people around you from injury or death.

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Aveling’s Arc flash Awareness online training course is a critical component of ensuring workplace safety in industries where electrical hazards are prevalent.

An ‘arc flash’ is a sudden release of energy caused by an electrical fault, resulting in an explosion of intense heat, light, and pressure. This phenomenon can cause severe burns, injuries, and even fatalities if not properly understood and managed. As a result, arc flash awareness training plays a crucial role in preventing accidents and protecting the well-being of employees.

This course covers topics such as the nature of electrical hazards, the importance of proper personal protective equipment (PPE), safe work practices, and the use of appropriate tools and equipment. You will learn how to recognise potential arc flash hazards, understand the concept of incident energy, and interpret arc flash labels and warning signs, as well as how to mitigate risks effectively.

By providing arc flash awareness training to employees, organisations promote a safety culture and create an environment where individuals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves and their colleagues. This training not only reduces the risk of injuries but also helps prevent property damage and costly downtime resulting from electrical accidents.

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