Area Warden (PUAFER005 Operate as part of an emergency control organisation)

Learn how to effectively identify, assess and respond to workplace emergencies.

Nationally Recognised Training

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$175 (GST free)




5 hours

An Area Warden’s priority is the safety of building occupants and visitors during an emergency. This course provides you with the skills and knowledge required to effectively identify, assess and respond to workplace emergencies in accordance with Australian standards and regulations.

You will develop the ability to identify, assess, and respond to hazards and emergencies specific to your workplace and to recognise potential risks and implement appropriate measures to prevent or mitigate them.

The training emphasises compliance with Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations, ensuring that learners are well-informed and capable of meeting the required standards.

In this Nationally Recognised course, you will learn the relevant legislative, industry, customer and organisational requirements, including health and safety policies and procedures.

This training includes a simulated emergency requiring a building evacuation, simulated bomb threat resulting in a search of a building, plus a written and practical assessment.

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