Electrical Safety Awareness

Understand the fundamentals of electrical safety.

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Electrical accidents can have serious and fatal consequences, but when you’re aware of the risks and fundamental safety precautions, you’ll be able to help support a safer work environment for yourself and your fellow workers.

With our Electrical Safety Awareness course, you’ll learn the basics of electricity and the dangerous effects it can have on the human body. You’ll learn about concepts like current, voltage, and resistance. Electric shocks can cause burns, muscle contractions, and even stop your heart. Knowing about these effects will help you appreciate the importance of electrical safety measures.

We’ll take a look at the sources of electrical hazards and how to manage them, inspecting and testing requirements for electrical equipment, and first aid requirements.

You’ll explore the various sources of electrical hazards that you might encounter in the workplace, such as faulty equipment, damaged wiring, or exposed live parts. You’ll also learn about safe work practices, such as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and following lockout/tagout procedures, and how to handle electrical equipment safely.

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