Manual Handling and Ergonomics for the Office

Understand the fundamentals of ergonomics and manual handling, and how it can be applied in a work setting.

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When working in an office, it’s easy to assume you are exempt from the considerable dangers present in work environments such as construction sites or warehouses. However, by doing simple tasks such as typing at a desk or lifting files onto a shelf, you are putting your physical health at risk if these tasks are not undertaken with the correct ergonomic and manual handling principles.

A high proportion of occupational injuries are sprains or strains of joints and adjacent muscles, resulting from manual handling or poor ergonomic work practices. This is encountered in many areas of the office environment and such injuries can be disabling and costly.

As the COVID pandemic moved office workers to working from home arrangements, where many have since remained, this issue is even more pertinent as people sit at their home offices with equipment not designed for long-term use, or visible to HR teams.

In this short online course you’ll learn the fundamentals of ergonomics, and how it can be applied in a work setting.

You’ll learn how to properly identify hazards, and plan and perform manual handling tasks, including proper lifting techniques, to help make sure your workplace remains safe and injury-free.

Finally, you’ll explore the risks and consequences of poor manual handling, as well as the legal requirements and responsibilities for yourself and your employer.

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