Manual Handling in the Workplace

Learn the importance of proper manual handling techniques to maintaining a safe work environment.

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Manual Handling, also known as manual tasks, is any activity requiring effort to lift, move, push, pull, carry, hold or restrain any object, including a person or animal.

Poor manual handling practice is one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace and the injuries can be disabling and costly.

Aveling’s Manual Handling course will teach you how to safely identify, plan and perform manual handling tasks to maintain an injury-free workplace.

You’ll learn about ergonomic hazards and the risks and consequences of poor manual handling techniques. You’ll also explore the legal requirements and responsibilities for yourself and your employer.

A key factor in minimising your risk of injury is to properly assess a manual handling task and plan your approach. In this course you’ll learn to understand proper lifting techniques and using mechanical aids.

This short online course gives you a great introduction to manual handling and how to approach manual tasks in a safe way.

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