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In the workplace we must contend with a multitude of distractions, from unexpected tasks and projects to prolonged phone calls, to the temptations of social media. Many of us can spend our days in a frenzy of activity and only achieve very little, primarily because we’re not concentrating our efforts on the things that matter the most.

Wasted time in the workplace accounts for billions of dollars in wasted time and unmet revenue potential every year. The associated underperformance of staff can lead to poor mental health outcomes.

If you struggle with time management, this Time Management training course offers you practical tips and tricks that will help you to productively plan, pace and prioritise your daily tasks and to triumph over procrastination and workplace distractions.

You’ll learn how to set realistic goals, prioritise your tasks, plan and schedule your workload, and minimise distractions. Understanding yourself and your personal challenges with time management is also crucial, and you’ll explore this in this course and understand how we spend our time on a day-to-day basis.

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