In accordance with the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000, AVELING is not registered as a CRICOS provider and therefore is unable to provide training to any overseas students who hold an Australian Student Visa (except for certain exempt courses as outlined below).

An overseas student is defined in Section 5 of the ESOS Act as a person (whether inside or outside Australia) who holds a student visa (as defined in regulation 1.03 of the Migration Regulations 1994), excluding:

  • A Subclass 576 (Foreign Affairs and Defence Sector) visa, or
  • A person who satisfies the secondary criteria, but not the primary criteria, under the Migration Regulations for the grant of the visa, or
  • A secondary exchange student within the meaning of the Migration Regulations, or
  • An overseas student who has been approved under a scholarship scheme, or an exchange scheme, sponsored by the Commonwealth to undertake a course of study or training in Australia.

Students are required to disclose to AVELING prior to or on enrolment if they hold a Student Visa as defined in regulation 1.03 of the Migration Regulations.

Regulation 1.03 of the Migration Regulations:

“student visa ” means any of the following subclasses of visa:
(a) a Subclass 500 (Student) visa;
(b) a Subclass 570 (Independent ELICOS Sector) visa;
(c) a Subclass 571 (Schools Sector) visa;
(d) a Subclass 572 (Vocational Education and Training Sector) visa;
(e) a Subclass 573 (Higher Education Sector) visa;
(f) a Subclass 574 (Postgraduate Research Sector) visa;
(g) a Subclass 575 (Non-Award Sector) visa; or,
(h) a Subclass 576 (Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector) visa.

If it is identified that a student holds a visa which falls within this category, AVELING will notify the student, and their application for enrolment will be rejected (with the exception of the below courses).

Exempt courses for students studying on a student visa

As of 29 June 2021, changes to the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act) mean that we are now able to offer some courses to overseas students already on a student visa, without requiring CRICOS registration.

AVELING is able to offer the following courses to overseas students on an Australian student visa:

*Please note: these courses would be in addition to your full-time main course of study – you will not be able to apply for a student visa based on these courses alone.

If you have any questions on AVELING’s exempted courses, contact us on +61 8 9379 9999

If you have any questions regarding your student visa, please visit the Australian Government Home Affairs website: