When you undertake Nationally Recognised training, you are working towards a Qualification or Unit of Competency that is standardised and recognised across Australia, and designed to meet industry needs.

However, industry needs, trends and best practises change over time, and so training products are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they continue to reflect the latest knowledge and skills.

This is managed in a formal partnership process across the national Vocational Education and Training (VET) system.

Where it is identified that industry needs have changed and the current qualification is no longer suitable, either a new training package will be developed or it will be discontinued. This then flows into the qualifications and units of competency within the training package.

When a qualification or unit of competency is superseded by a new version, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that offer them, such as AVELING, need to develop new course materials that align to the new qualification, and stop delivering the superseded qualification by the deadline, generally within 12 months.

Students who are already well progressed in the existing qualification or unit can complete their course and be issued with a qualification or statement of attainment within the one-year transition period.

If students are not able to finish their qualification within the one-year transition period, they will be offered the opportunity to transition to the new qualification, as long as they are still within their enrolment timeframe. This may require the completion of gap assessments, designed to bring the student’s knowledge in line with that of the new qualification.

The specific timeframes and additional requirements will depend on the qualification or unit of competency and how these have changed within the training package.

This whole process ensures students are receiving the most up to date knowledge and skills. If you are considering undertaking a superseded course, it is important that you also consider the timeframes and associated requirements, to ensure you are able to either complete your training and assessments within the timeframe, or complete any additional requirements and transition to the new qualification.

If you have any questions about superseded courses or the transition process at AVELING, please contact us on +61 9379 9999 or at training@AVELING.com.au.