Area Warden Awareness

Learn how to respond effectively to workplace hazards and emergencies.

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1.5 hours

Our Area Warden Awareness online training course equips you with the knowledge to effectively respond to workplace hazards and emergencies in accordance with Australian standards and regulations.

Over 1.5 hours, you will gain insight into the responsibilities and functions of these entities, including the structures and roles that comprise the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) and the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO), enabling you to work collaboratively and efficiently during emergency situations.

You will learn how to develop emergency procedures tailored to your workplace exploring protocols and guidelines recommended by authorities, enabling you to respond appropriately and ensure the safety of all personnel.

The training also highlights the importance of post-evacuation debriefing.

This course is an ideal introduction for people interested in taking on Warden roles in an organisation, as well as leadership and communications staff.

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