Workplace Bullying and Harassment Awareness

Understand why bullying occurs in the workplace, and learn practical steps to respond and manage it.

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Bullying can have enormous impacts on individuals, teams and entire organisations, with lost productivity, mental health impacts, and potential legal implications.

This Workplace Bullying and Harassment Awareness training course covers the basics of bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace, why it occurs, and the impacts on individuals and workplaces.

You’ll learn practical information and advice on identifying bullying and harassment, and steps to take in responding to and dealing with bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Bullying can have a serious impact on the health of workers, leading to adverse effects on productivity and morale. It is important to identify and rectify any issues with bullying and harassment as soon as possible, as well as creating a culture that minimises this type of behaviour.

A critical part of providing a safe workplace is the provision of appropriate anti-bullying, harassment and discrimination training. This course helps staff gain an understanding of the problem, and can form a good basis for further discussion, remediation, or induction processes.

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