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How to build a safe and healthy workplace culture

Effective Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) needs to go beyond compliance and circulating a policy. To create a truly safe and healthy workplace, it needs to be ingrained in the culture of an organisation. Organisational culture underpins the context in which people judge their behaviour and what is acceptable at work. It’s built by the […]

Staying on track in an ever changing world

For many of us 2021 is just as uncertain as 2020, but now we’ve had some time to get used to it, and understand that we must work through the change. Here are some tips for staying on track in an ever changing world: Keep a focus / goal in mind – Whether it is […]


How to build an effective company induction

Staff turnover is an inevitable part of running a business, but there are ways to make it a smooth and successful process, which will save you money and improve staff happiness and retention rates. A recent PWC study found that 23% of Australian employees leave their jobs within their first year of work. The cost […]


Is a short course right for me?

Whether you’re looking to build upon your skills and experience to help you along your current career path, or looking to completely switch altogether, many people are enjoying benefits of undertaking short courses over the larger time and financial investment of a degree. We’ve broken down the many reasons why a short course could be […]

Now is the time for Australian business to catch up on skills development

Before the world had heard of COVID-19, PwC had begun a project looking at skills for the future. They found that at that time, 72% of Australian workers surveyed said their employers had not provided them skills training in the past 12 months. In addition, only 28% said their employer was providing them with upskilling […]


New year, new career resolution?

As the New Year begins, annual planning for a ‘new you’ and all the improvements you’re going to make, rises to the top of everyone’s minds. Career goals are one of the most common New Years’ Resolution topics, but we often start with big goals like ‘I want my dream job this year!’ and forget […]


Will 2020 bring WHS into the future?

Work Health and Safety (WHS) policy and law is a relatively recent focus for the world’s workplaces. Led by union action for a century and developed through state legislature, policies and standards began in industrial and construction industries in the late 1800s, but a national approach to workplace health and safety wasn’t achieved until 1985.1 […]


Meet Craig Watson!

‘Meet our trainers’ is a new article series where you can get to know AVELING’s wonderful trainers. This month you will be meeting Craig Watson, who facilitates a number of our courses, including BHP SLS, Rio Tinto inductions, WHS, and Leadership and Management. Tell us a bit about yourself. I have a background in transport […]