Being a parent never prepares us for some of the challenges we all face with our kids. Disability, illness, communication problems, drugs and alcohol use, bullying and problems at school – these are some of the challenges we get thrown at us when we’re parents.

Signs that something might be wrong:

  • Dieting behaviour (e.g. fasting, constantly counting kilojoules, avoiding types of food)
  • Eating in private and avoiding dealing with food with other people
  • Binge eating and hoarding of food
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom at meal times
  • Vomiting, regularly using laxatives or appetite suppressants
  • Changes in clothes worn like wearing baggy things
  • Compulsive or over exercising
  • Replacing meals with fluids
  • Secretive behaviour around food including saying they have eaten when they haven’t or hiding uneaten food

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