Sitting in an audience listening to Rosie Batty is a heart moving experience. Rosie is the 2015 Australian of the Year and a leader in the campaign against domestic and family violence.

In early 2014 Rosie’s 11 year old son, Luke, was murdered by his father at cricket practice. Since then Rosie has given voice to many thousands of victims of domestic violence and has continued to advise governments and agencies on how to prevent domestic and family violence.

She was speaking in Perth in June 2015 as part of her continuing campaign against domestic violence and her resilience and courage are an inspiration to many.

Rosie explained that she needed to step from the “shadows and into the broad daylight,” to speak about an issue that has been kept too silent for too long.

“I’m doing this for Luke.”

“We think the violence happens elsewhere but it happens to people like us. Two women die every week because of domestic and family violence. This means we must all know someone affected. Look out for it.”

Teaching ‘Respectful Relationships’ in all schools and for boys and girls to be given the same opportunities in life is something Rosie believes is vital in working towards ending family violence.

She talked of the need to stand together and how we can all make a difference. Rosie explained that throughout her years of experiencing domestic and family violence how important it was to have others take time and listen

“A smile makes all the difference and we remember the kindness.”

Rosie then asked us all to get out our phones or laptops and type in “Never Alone Luke Batty Foundation.” Then click the link, “I Stand Beside You”.

“My belief is that tragedy gives you an opportunity to make a difference. I’ve always admired people who do that.” Rosie Batty.


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