When you’re away from your favourite people a lot of the time it can be lonely and isolating. You miss out on sharing the little and the big parts of your day with someone you’re close to.

If this is you, how do you overcome the loneliness of being away for long periods of time?

Firstly, remember – there is a difference between being lonely and being ‘alone’. A state of being ‘alone’ can be wonderful and a time to replenish your energy, get to know yourself better and plan for the future.

Here are some ways that FIFO workers tell us they deal with loneliness:

  • Talking to someone they trust when they feel lonely
  • Touching base with their partner and/or children every day in some way (Skype, sms, phone, email)
  • Keeping a photo of special people and some personal items in their donga when onsite
  • Connecting with workmates over meals, in the wet mess or at the gym
  • Joining in any activities they can onsite (it’s a good way to try something new)
  • Organising activities you’re interested in or ask others what they’d like to see offered onsite
  • Making a point of meeting a new person onsite each swing
  • Playing their favourite music during time off onsite
  • Using the internet to learn more about things they’re interested in
  • Keeping a journal or notebook of their time onsite and taking photos of sunsets or scenes onsite
  • Keeping an eye out for others who may be feeling alone and asking them how they’re going