Gus and Rose Aveling

A Tribute to Rose and Gus Aveling

By Tony Aveling

Dear Visitors, Clients, and Friends,

As we mark International Migrants Day, I thought it a poignant time to honour my parents, who arrived in Australia 70 years ago.

In 1953 my parents, Rose and Gus Aveling, embarked on a courageous journey that has left an indelible mark on our family history, and also the values and ethos of our organisation. Their story is one of determination, resilience, education, and a better life—a narrative that underpins our organisation’s very essence.

Born in the Dutch-East Indies, my parents grew up in the crossroads of two worlds. As fighting reached Asia in the later stages of WWII, both my parents and other relatives endured unimaginable challenges in Prisoner of War camps. After surviving and eventually being released, my parents were confronted with the challenge of rebuilding their lives from scratch.

With the Dutch-East Indies becoming Indonesia in 1949, they first emigrated to the Netherlands, however found their identities torn between two cultures, and feeling at home in neither. In 1953, they made the life-altering decision to immigrate to Western Australia with their small children, a decision that brought with it a fresh set of challenges.

As individuals of mixed heritage, they grappled with discrimination and legal barriers even entering Australia, during a time when the White Australia Policy cast a shadow on ‘the lucky country’. They then faced the challenges of finding employment and building lives in a country they had not before visited and knowing no-one. Nevertheless, they remained resolute in their pursuit of a brighter future and prioritised the education of their five sons despite earning a modest income.

Their resilience and hard work forged a hard-working spirit in all of their children, all five of us using what we had to strive to achieve and make the most of what we were given.

The legacy of my parents, Rose and Gus Aveling, extends beyond our family; it is interwoven with the very fabric of our organisation. It encapsulates the fundamental principles that steer us—resilience, dedication, and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of education.

My parents’ sacrifices stand as a testament to the enduring human spirit, and their unwavering belief in the value of education continues to illuminate our path, perfectly encapsulated by our tagline: Achieve More.

I extend my heartfelt thanks for being a part of our ongoing narrative. On behalf of their descendants, I express our deepest gratitude to Rose and Gus Aveling for their remarkable legacy. Their story serves as an enduring source of inspiration, and we remain steadfast in upholding their values as we continue to provide exceptional education and training services.

With profound gratitude and a shared commitment to a prosperous future for all,

Tony Aveling

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