Achieve More in 2024!

The start of a new year sees us focus on new goals to bring us success and happiness in whatever form that may be; a healthier lifestyle, more fun, more fulfilment, a new job, or a completely different career.

The early 2020s made us all slow down, take stock, understand what is most important and dream new dreams. As we move towards the second half of the decade, it’s time to realise those big dreams and goals and believe that we can Achieve More.

There is no doubt that the world is evolving; technology and Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of workplaces and the skills needed to succeed; global influences are affecting markets and opportunities, but there is one thing that doesn’t change – the need for skilled employees, particularly people who are dedicated to continual learning, and have the soft skills to lead and support others; skills that technology can never replace.

So as you begin 2024, think big and explore the following advice to help you Achieve More, whatever your goal may be:

Changing careers

This is the big one – perhaps you ended 2023 feeling burnt out, hating your job, or just really needing a change. Moving to a completely new career needs planning and the path might look a little different depending on what career you are wanting to move into.

There might be a specific course that you can take to prepare you for your new role, or you might be able to take your existing skills and experience and re-align them to your new goal. This is especially true for soft skills such as project management, leadership and office skills.

One thing that always helps this shift is showing that you are willing and eager to learn and develop. Prepare for this change by investing in upskilling in areas such as workplace essentials, leadership and management, or any area that will help in your dream role.

Stepping up

You might have been at one level for a while and ready to step up to be a supervisor, or want to prepare for this change in the future. Gaining the essential leadership skills takes more than just experience. Good leaders understand the skills needed such as building relationships, prioritising tasks, and understanding how to manage different personalities, manage conflict and negotiate and influence.

The New Supervisor gives a great overview of these skills in a two-day classroom course. If you are moving from a teammate to managing former colleagues, Managing Your Mates helps you to navigate the challenges that come with that.

If you are looking to step up to a more senior role with broader responsibilities, Nationally Recognised courses such as Fundamentals of Supervision, or Qualifications such as BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management gives a great foundation for a leadership career.

Helping others

If you have been ‘on the tools’ for a number of years or have become an expert in your field, a great next step can be sharing your skills and expertise with others. Gaining the teaching, assessing and learning development skills needed to be an effective trainer and/or assessor will help you be most effective in this field.

Courses such as TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and its associated sessions and skill sets may be required, particularly if you are looking to train and assess Nationally Recognised training, and will ensure you have the best practice skills and expertise to be the best trainer you can be.

You may want to move into a role where you are helping others through providing a safe environment. Roles in Work Health and Safety (WHS) are a great next move for people with strong knowledge of their sector and the risks involved, or HR who have strong experience in working with others. There are a large number of courses to start you on this journey from WHS Fundamentals, to Health and Safety Representatives, Area Warden, or the Nationally Recognised BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety qualification.

Learning something new

Your 2024 goal might be just to learn something new. Achieving doesn’t need to lead to a new qualification or job level. You can gain motivation and satisfaction in your career or life outside work in building your knowledge.

This could be through mentorship, or volunteering, or there are many online and classroom short courses that can help you Achieve More through self-improvement and learning, in topics ranging from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Awareness, to Handling stress and maintaining balance,  Time Management, or even Mental Health Awareness.

Getting back into study

 Starting a course can be a challenge for all new learners, but particularly if you haven’t been in a classroom for a while. Mature age learners are often juggling work and looking after children or family members, alongside other responsibilities, which can make studying seem overwhelming. The time since formal study can also leave some lacking in confidence and the academic skills that come from regular study.

However, being a mature age learner can actually be a huge advantage to study; you are older and wiser, you have industry experience, and you’re more aware of the value of investing in your education.

There are also many benefits of studying at a later age. We’ve written a whole article on this topic with tips and tricks to help you with this transition. Read more about Returning to study as a mature age learner.

Building your resume

The first step in looking for a new job, changing careers or positioning for a promotion is to revisit and update your resume. You’ll need to make sure it is up-to-date, reflects the accomplishments and job roles you have had since you last used it, and also make sure it reflects the role you want to achieve next. This includes skills and courses. Having recent training, and showing that you are committed to continuous learning shows that you are willing and keen to grown into your next role or career. Undertaking continuous learning also helps you prepare for your next role by making sure you have current industry best practise knowledge and skills and are refreshing your knowledge. Soft skills are heavily sought after by hiring managers, particularly if you are looking to move up, but are valuable at all levels.

Courses to improve and develop your emotional intelligence, public speaking or communication and influencing skills will help build your confidence and show your eagerness to improve. You can also take courses in developing your problem-solving skills, leading productive meetings, providing excellent customer service and project management fundamentals, all of which add vital skills to your resume.

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