An Introduction to Workplace Mental Health

Develop a mentally healthy workplace that is positive, inclusive and more productive.

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Workplaces have an important role in supporting good mental health. We spend a majority of our week in the workplace, and colleagues and managers can often recognise mental health changes in staff.

Creating a supportive and inclusive work environment not only enhances employee well-being, but also improves business outcomes and reduces costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism, and staff turnover.

Our Introduction to Workplace Mental Health Training serves as a foundation for understanding the legal responsibilities of workers and employers, including employer duty of care, and the responsibility of workers to take reasonable care of their own mental health, and that of their colleagues.

In this engaging one-day classroom course, you will explore the benefits of a mentally healthy workplace. You’ll learn about workplace risk factors and stressors, such as poor work-life balance, limited autonomy, bullying and discrimination. You will also gain an understanding of the impact of these risk factors on mental health, and learn to identify early warning signs in yourself and colleagues.

Through this course, you will be guided through developing an Action Plan for workplace mental health, providing practical steps and strategies to create a mentally healthy work environment, including policy development, effective communication channels, and providing access to mental health support services.

By investing in this training, organisations can foster a culture of mental health awareness and support, ensuring the well-being and productivity of their workforce.

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